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Aug 7, 2013 4:00am PDT
since 2007. under jeff bezos shocked wall street by stepping in to buy the washington post. the newpaper stock rallied $24 yesterday to nearly $600. most of the stock's value comes from the washington post also owning the college prep company kaplan. warren buffett is the largest shareholder in the paper with 1.7 million shares. he's made more than a 9,000% gain with his investment. jeff bezos is paying $250 million to buy the post. his acquisition is viewed as a positive by our morningstar analyst... "he probably has some ideas to accelerate the post's transition to the digital media. i think he's been quoted as saying newpapers in general should be more aggressive at utlilizing mobile devices such as tablets. he probably will push the post toward that end, and that is what we expect him to do." the graham family has owned the washingtion post for 80 years. carl icahn is raising his stake in dell. the sec says the billionaire investor now owns close to 9% of the pc company. icahn reportedly bought an additional 4 million shares last week after suing dell over delaying its shareholder me
Aug 5, 2013 4:00am PDT
, in fact, employ others. the urban institute, a washington think tank on economic and social policy, says the number of people looking for work is at its lowest in 34 years. "employers are still hesitant to hire. when you have the economy performing at a sub-par pace, that's affecting hiring decisions." researchers say older workers aren't necessarily giving up in greater numbers: it's the decline in labor force entry rates - younger workers putting off getting started. "it's very difficult even for graduates of stanford and mit. a lot of my friends are pursuing entrepreneurship because they have given up finding a job even if it doesn't suit them perfectly." so with a new crop of entrepreneurs coming up, the hope is they'll create new jobs to go with their new companies. "i think there's an element of that going on, and it's going to be great, because instead of working for g.e., that young person will create 8 jobs or 10 jobs when that person starts a new company." chicago, a city trying to boost its tech image, welcomed 100 promising college students in technology to hear start-up succ
Aug 29, 2013 4:00am PDT
since the civil rights movement's march on washington economic equality is still elusive by many measures since martin luther king spoke of "the dream." our cover story looks at milestones made but with many more yet ahead. "because they marched, city councils changed, congress changed and even the white house changed." fifty-years after martin luther king evoked the dream...this image brought it rushing back. "it's hard to believe. i wish my grandfather had been alive to see it." but decades after the march on washington for jobs and freedom, the event's full name, and the 1965 voting rights act when 42% of blacks lived in poverty, economic equality has been elusive, even by the most recent measures. black unemployment is 12.6%, for whites--6.6%. since 2009, black income has dropped 10.9%. white income has dropped 3.6%. the gap in household income hasn't changed in 50-years. and it's become harder for black entrepreneurs to get started. "access to capital is a huge reason but so is education." the nation's 44 and a half million blacks comprise 14.2% of the population but 8.9% o
Aug 14, 2013 4:00am PDT
-off." in washington d.c., a combined american-us airways would control 69% of the limited take-off and landing slots, there. and along with a string of recent mergers that has reduced the overall number of airlines, a combined american- us airways would leave four airlines with 80% of the u-s commercial air travel market. but not everyone fears fewer choices "this is a brutally competitive business, they will continue to fight on price just as they do today." airline stocks fell on the justice department's action. american's parent company, amr, lost 45%, us airways--13% followed by losses at united- continental, delta, southwest and jetblue. the justice department did not specify concessions that the airlines might make. however, the deal is no longer expected to close in the third quarter. asiana airlines is offering $10 thousand dollars to survivors of a crash landing last month. the crash killed three people and injured hundreds after failing to land properly on a san francisco runway. undisclosed payouts have been given to family members of those who were killed. an asiana spokesperson says t
Aug 15, 2013 4:00am PDT
, washington redskins, new york giants and houston texans. still ahead--- to much too soon? -- why one trader believes cisco's sell off was overdone last night... chart talk is next cisco systems had a very busy night last night off of earnings. joining us now is trader matt cavanaugh of cmz trading. and i suspect this will leak into trading today. what do you see in the charts on this stock? > >this is a stock that's had a really nice run--up 25 percent over the last 3 months and up 50 percent over the last year so i see the stock at a critical level---it's at a support level and i'm cautiously optimistic here. i bought a little bit of the stock sub 24 and it should be interesting to see that whether people think this is overdone here or are people starting to get a little bit nervous about holding in this market. > >so there's a possibility for a rebound for the stock. it wasn't a horrible report--cisco actually beaten by a penny---but i think it was the ceo comments about the economy that distressed people. > >absolutely, whenever you see a tech company that arguably may be the number 1 co
Aug 1, 2013 4:00am PDT
this week. we have "two guns," with denzel washington and mark walberg. the pairing of them is going to draw a crowd. you will probably see that be number one this weekend. and also you have "the smurfs 2." the first "smurfs" movie did over $560 million worldwide, so i think this film has a shot breaking the $100 million barrier. and you also have, next week, "elysium," with matt damon, a science-fiction film from the director of "district 9," which i think is going to be a lock for $100 million. - and what about those underdogs? what would be the underperformers? - we have disney's "planes," which is going to challenge "the smurfs 2," so that could affect "the smurfs 2"'s grosses. this is basically sort of in the realm of "cars." it was supposed to be a straight-to- video movie, but an interesting stat is that no animated film has actually broken the $100 million barrier with an opening in august. so i think it's not quite going to get there. the film to really look out for i think this month is called "we're the millers." it's a comedy with jason sudeikis and jennifer anniston. i think thi
Aug 6, 2013 4:00am PDT
. the washington post is being sold to jeff bezos, founder of, for $250 million. the deal includes all of the post's newspaper and media assets except slate and foreign policy. american eagle nose dived 16% after the teen clothing retailer cuts its second-quarter outlook in half. abercrombie & fitch also fell. better times in july from 16 non-manufacturing industries in the u.s. - everything from arts and entertainment to retail, transportation and warehousing. glen schultz of performance trust joins us to help sort it all out. hi there, glen. - hi, how are you? - i'm doing all right, and i'd like to know, the rate for the non-manufacturing sector seems to be accelerating. how is this happening if job growth was just 162,000? - one of the things that we saw at the beginning of this year was employers beginning to back off in terms of hiring. so, we saw that first-quarter slump in gdp. that's happened to us year-over-year now for, i think, the past three years or so. so employers polled back a little bit on that. the ism indexes, manufacturing indexes, they've shown a rebound. they were
Aug 9, 2013 4:00am PDT
in washington about this topic. - topic number two: doing the mcmath on those mcsalaries - word has it that if you double worker wages at mcdonald's, the price of a big mac will rise. what does this mean for the stock? - this is interesting. i read a couple different studies, and some people have said if they double the wages, it wouldn't affect the stock price at all. i don't understand how that's possible at all. if you just do the logistics of the business, if you're increasing the cost, unless you're decreasing the quality of the big mac, it's going to make the cost go higher- - the price of the big mac would go up 68¢- - that's a lot! - it's not catastrophic. - catastrophic? how many big macs do they produce in a year? - this stock... i'm lovin' it! i'm lovin' it here at $98- - i'm actually long in march for this. - $96 is a huge break-out point for march, and it's holding above that, so i'm leaning on that $96 level. look for mcdonald's to make a 25% move- - it's going lower. - 25%. i'm lovin' it. - topic number three: the skinny on lululemon: apparently the retailer is not m
Aug 20, 2013 4:00am PDT
students as well as alumni. washington already has the nation's highest state minimum wage - 9.19 an hour. in seattle they want to push it to 15- dollars an hour. you remember the demonstrations across the country over this a couple of weeks ago. low wage workers are pressing for a nationwide strike on august 29th. seattle's city council and candidates running for mayor are saying they're thinking about doing this. some businesses say it'll put 'em "out" of business. others say putting more money into more hands is just what the economy needs. still to come: corporate criticism....why a facebook exec is under fire for hiring an unpaid intern? that's later... first, is american losing its edge in how our schools teach entrepreneurship? i'll talk with a senior lecturer who teaches at m-i-t. first business continues after this. america. land of the entrepreneur. but - is america losing its entrepreneurial edge in how it is being taught? the book, "disciplined entrepreneurship" is just coming out. it was written by bill aulet - senior lecturer at the mit sloan school of management and the man
Aug 28, 2013 4:00am PDT
on the ground." this, after secretary of state john kerry said washington is certain that the syrian government used chemical weapons against civilians in a damascas suburb, last week. "chemical weapons were used in syria." the situation has led oil prices to spike. "it's because all the producers and users of oil have a stake in what happens in syria." ┬Ątriple-a says the rally in the futures market may be a threat to prices at the pump over the labor day holiday. it's renewed the call for alternative energy sources. "any time there's a hiccup in the middle east, oil prices go up because of uncertainty." and as oil topped 109-dollars a barrel, its highest point in 18- months, transportation stocks such as fedex, ups and a dozen other air freight companies closed "down." "when jet fuel spikes, it causes problems because companies can't tell what their overall fuel cost is going to be. and that's why you see weakness in those stocks." unrest in the region is having repercussions elsewhere. scandanavian tour operators say they've cancelled 60-thousand trips to egypt through next spring due to
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10